Have you ever considered the importance of estate planning, but didn't know where to start? Have you ever had a nagging feeling that you should do something, but getting started seems like a daunting task?

Estate planning is important for protecting the assets you have worked so hard to build, maintain, and pass on for generations, but it doesn't have to be onerous or burdensome.

Our educational seminars are designed to give you a starting point and will discuss issues such as:

  • What every person needs, regardless of your net worth
  • What documents every estate plan should contain
  • What are the differences between wills and trusts?
  • How to leave your assets to loved ones protected from creditors, divorces, and lawsuits
  • What are the implications of the new tax laws on my estate?
  • How do I plan for minor or special needs children?
  • How do I prepare for my incompetency or disability?
  • What about the effects of Medicaid on my estate?
  • ...and much more.

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